Where Thin Is "In The Bag"!


We Are The Half Mil 




Since its inception in June of 1966, Glopak’s focus has been on continued growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are using solar energy to make production more environmentally friendly. Our bags and liners are recyclable. Whenever possible, we recycle during the production process.


Glopak Corporation began operating in the 1960's when polyethylene became a popular means of packaging. Over the past 50 years, Glopak has grown to its present position as a leading source of packaging for plastic bags, liners, trash liners and sheeting throughout the United States.



In the words of our father, the late Harold Martin Sr.,:

"Our key to success has been our commitment to quality and service. Glopak is among the finest flexible plastic manufacturers in the industry. In addition to our committment to quality and service, our success is due to long- term partnerships that we have forged with our customers.

Calls for emergency requirements, technical assistance, and immediate quotations always receive prompt and competent attention.

Our sales people contact old and new customers monthly to offer their services. In this way, we get to know their packaging needs and can help avoid rush orders.

We thank our customers for teaming with Glopak. We appreciate the opportunity to create and serve your packaging needs."

Very Truly Yours,

The Martin Family

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